Thursday, March 26, 2009

Newspaper Frenzy

Here's the story:

I'm sitting on the couch holding the baby relaxing because my 5 year old is at school and so is my pre-schooler. After 2 days with them home sick I'm about ready to tear my hair out. I think they are too. They have been fighting like crazy, yelling and hitting and just GRUMPYYYY!!

So I'm enjoying my peace and quiet watching a little tv for a minute when I think I hear the garage door open...I listen, no, I think, it can't be the garage door. No one should be home yet, then in runs my 5 year old yelling, "Mom, Come quick hurry!!" So I jump up put the baby down and run to the garage. The wind is blowing like crazy and my 5 year old precedes to tell me that there is newspaper flying everywhere and the mail is blowing away. There is a bundle of crumpled newspaper and some mail on the wagon in the garage.

So we go running out of the garage our newspaper is blowing into the neighbors yard. Mail is blowing this way and that way. I yell for him to get the mail in our yard. I take off after the papers that are going in my neighbors yard. They are strung out all over the bushes. Luckily the bushes are stopping them for a second so I can pounce on them.

Needless to say we grabbed as much as we could. I think we got all the mail but if you see any flying around with my name on it send it my way will you.

So my nice relaxing minute is paper is all over the place and not in any kind of order. I hope we got all of our mail. I guess I forgot what time it was and didn't look out for my kindergartener to get home. He tried to get the mail but dropped some and the wind was so cold and blowing so hard. He was so worried that is was going to blow away. I thought it was cute and funny. And I'm sure I looked funny running all over our yard and the neighbors in my slippers trying to catch newspaper and mail blowing everywhere. Luckily I had sweats and a t-shirt on but it was sure cold and the snow melted. Spring isn't it wonderful!!

Hopefully the running got some energy out of the kids and they will be happier today. I'm hoping for no fighting. I told my husband I'm going to Craft Night with my friends tonight and he has the kids and if my day doesn't go better dinner too!!


  1. Hi!!! I roll called under you in SITS today so I wanted to pop in and say hello! I am a fellow Twilight Fan!

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