Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chickens or garden

This is my 4 year old chasing chickens out of our yard.
So here's the story:

Yesterday after my 4 year old and I ventured out to see what made it through the winter he kept asking me when we were planting and what we were planting. So we went to the store and bought some peas. I think we will plant them this weekend. I'll have my 16 year old til up the garden for me and then we can start planting.

I have slowly been planting an herb garden but some of the things I've planted didn't come back. My lavender plant didn't and I know its a perennial. I think I planted chamomile but I can't remember if it is or not. My chives and sage are back and my mint but I need to dig up my mint and plant it in a bucket in the ground. I didn't realize it would spread all over.

We also have a little problem with our neighbors chickens. The are digging up my flower beds, my garden, around my trees and bushes. Did I say little, big BIG problem.

So my dilemma is WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE CHICKENS?? My hubby has talked to the neighbors and they just act like its not that big of a deal. To me it is. Last year they dug up my flower beds and my tulips and daffodils were dug up and I had no flowers come up. It really made me mad. So if you have any ideas of what to do with my neighbors chickens let me know.


  1. Dont you just love the neighbors! Tell them that you family is going to start having a lot of roasted chicken for dinner, see what they think of that. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful day.

  2. Roasted chicken!!! Too funnny!!

    I hate neighbors too. Their dogs do the same thing. I spray my plants with soapy water. It doesn't hurt the plants, it keeps away the bugs and repells critters.

  3. I'm jealous that you get to plant your garden already! The chickens are too funny...!