Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I didn't update my blog all weekend or yesterday. I have had a crazy weekend. I took my little Paytie bug in to get pictures taken on Saturday. She was cranky and the room was so HOT!! I had a cute little outfit on her with a brown coat that had pink flowers and was lined with a furry leopard print. The underneath of my hair was soaked by the time we left...did I mention it was HOT!!

Well needless to say she didn't cooperate. She wouldn't smile and was fussy and crying. I was ready to rip my hubby's head off. He was trying to help and kept saying lets reschedule. I don't think he understands what it takes to get there. And then you have to wait for 10-20 minutes and then walk into a room thats HOT!!! Then the baby is fussy, it is just so much work and energy. And then its HOT!!

I took her home and took some pictures later after she slept for 2 hours. She doesn't usually sleep for 2 hours. She is a big cat napper unless I'm holding her. We are trying again on Thursday. I scheduled the first appointment so it wouldn't be hot. It will probably turn out the same but at least it won't be so hot!!

Turns out she has a little cold, I have had a sore throat all weekend and my foot keeps hurting. Don't know whats up with that. My hubby just keeps telling me to go to the doctor. I don't go to the doctor for a sore throat or a sore foot. It has to be something major. And what is weird is my foot will stop hurting then start up again a few days later.

I think its all the walking around I do with the baby on our wood floors. She is still a little collicky and with her being sick she was fussy all weekend.

Did they say SPRING was on the way??? I saw it for a minute.


  1. Sounds like the first and second time I took the little one to take photos. It was hot, the photographer was running 30 minutes behind schedue (which is a LONG time in mommy/baby waiting time)

    Second time was shot too. Several photos of her just miserable and crying.

    Grrrr. I feel ya!

    Thanks a bunch for visiting me on my SITS day!

    xoxo The Rambler @ My Rambling Thoughts.

  2. I hear ya! I took Aubrey EVERY month from month 1-10 and I quickly learned to do it on my own, hubby was not much help, just one more person to deal with. Finally at 11 months she cried every time we went so I just gave up and took pictures at home. She still refuses to have her picture taken, unless I do it at home.