Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camping Week

The summer fighting has begun. My kids need some structure or some activities to keep them from fighting. I usually have crafts set up and a day to cook or bake something, we do a field trip once a week, maybe the $1 movie at the theatre but this year with the baby its been hard to get anything set up.

I can't stand all the fighting that has begun now though. My two younger boys play together really well. They will go outside and jump on the trampoline play outside with toys, in the dirt or mud. But its been raining a ton so they haven't been playing outside as much. They have good imaginations and play with toys and come up with things inside but then they get fighting and I want to rip my hair out so I sat down on the computer and thought I can do a week at a time so this week we are doing a camping week.
Our activities for camping week is as follows:

We are going to the library to get books on camping. I ordered one from the kids last book order of the year. Mercer Mayer's Little Critter book Me and My Dad and they go camping.

Make indoor forts or tent with blankets etc.
Tell ghost stories
Let them sleep in it at night

For cooking and baking:

Hobo dinners
Another dinner night will be roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. (the weather is supposed to clear up and be good this week except one day)

Make smores and trail mix.

Make Banana boats for dessert one night.

Go on a walk and gather twigs, leaves, rocks, etc

For crafts we are going to do:

Camping Paintings-
we will use our twigs, rocks, leaves and stuff from our walk.

Camping Collage- they can make with the leftover stuff from the walk and I'll print out a few pictures too.

Make stick men- have them hunt for sticks and glue their own stick men together along with googly eyes.

Make grocery sack backpacks

Make glow in the dark pictures that they can see while they are sleeping in their tent.

Coloring and some activities on paper about camping.

So this is my plan for this week. Hopefully the weather will hold out maybe I'll let them sleep out in the backyard but the mosquitos are so bad after all the rain. Hopefully this will make my week go by faster.

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