Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BAD BaD Blogger

I admit it I'm a Bad BAD BAD Blogger lately. I've really been slacking and I try not too. This summer has been more hectic than I am use to. I've also felt that I'm so negative on my blog and I don't want to be. I think I've used it as a place for venting out my frustrations. Venting how imperfect I am lately and how I can't seem to get things done. So I'm trying to change my negativity to positivity!!!

I don't know about you but this summer has been crazy between art camp, 2 gaming camps, and keeping the kids from boredom and fighting, planning a reunion and more I've been really busy. We are not planning a vacation this summer. It's been too hard to plan with the baby and all the other activities my oldest son has going on. He just left today to go on a Pioneer Trek for the next 4 days. I think I need a vacation though. Mom's deserve a vacation, maybe a spa treatment, a pedicure picture this with me...

a good book and a nice hot bath. (Ok the hot bath isn't sounding so good right now. Its 96 degrees here.) The nice warm bubble bath. That could work ;) time away from the kids, a massage. Sounds nice to me where do I sign up!!

With the current economy and my husband being in real estate not so good for the vacation either which is fine since its hard to plan with all of my sons activities. So we are doing a "Staycation". I've heard a lot about it lately in the newspaper and on tv. Here's how ours is playing out swimming, playing in the backyard in the sprinklers, with the slip and slide, water fights and just playing around. The local amusement park, dinosaur park, the zoo and a trip to the Childrens Discovery Center we are having our "Staycation". I think I'll book mine after the kids are back in school.


  1. It's tough when the big one is active and the little ones aren't. It's also difficult to speak positive words when you're not feeling so great. I'm doing a series on that on my blog--however, I took a one blog break for the post I just did. You might enjoy Mother Words, though. I hope your day is beautiful, with spa-like moments, and tons of hugs!

  2. Staycations can be VERY fun! I hope yours is. And don't worry about not blogging every day, we all go through it. Nice to meet you via SITS!