Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pumpkin growing contest

My dad, brothers and I are having a giant pumpkin growing contest this year for fun. This is the first year that all of us have a place to grow a garden. My older brother is a pretty avid gardner. He loves it, he's good at it and he has a good, warm, longer growing season too.

My youngest brother is pretty good at it too. This will be my other brothers first year with his garden. I've grown pumpkins but not giant pumpkins. So we'll see how it turns out.

Last year I had a beautiful hubbard squash plant. It was dead in a day. Squash bugs got it. So I'll need to be careful to watch my pumpkin plants.

I planted some seeds back in March. I finally got them in the ground a couple of weeks ago. So we will see how they turn out. My dad probably has the shortest growing season. Late and early frost but I think he has a few tricks up his sleeve (so I've heard) to get his going and growing.

Wish me luck and we'll see how big they turn out.


  1. Pumpkins make me think of fall, which is my favorite season! I can't wait!!! I'm not a huge fan of summer because in Illinois that means humidity and full blast air conditioning :-(

  2. Good luck!! It looks like you all are going have a blast!