Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Summer Days

I am such a bad blogger lately. With the kids home, baseball, t-ball and summer camps I haven't had much time lately. I've also taken a couple of digital scrapbooking courses. Its so much fun. I'm just getting into it and trying to figure out Photoshop Elements.

This year I wanted to make a plan for my kids for summer. A calendar of activities and ideas of things to do so the summer didn't just fly by.

Some of the things could be reading, our library has a summer reading program. Workbooks so my kids don't forget during the summer months.

I also wanted to include cooking days, activity days, field trips (inexpensive ones), craft days, etc.

Well I haven't done it yet. I wish I could find a website that would have something already done that I could just vamp to my family. I found a couple that have some ideas. Here's one Chocolate On My CraniumNow I just need to incorporate it.

Do you make plans for the summer months or do you just let it fly by? I don't like to be all scheduled, I like some spontaneity so I can go do something with friends or family if needed. But I also want some scheduling some sort of plan.

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