Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So do you have a morning routine? I use too, still do to some degree. Tuesdays and Thursdays I love because all the boys are in school. Before I had the baby I would clean, have some "me" time, usually spent on the computer. Now I clean up breakfast and spend a little time on the computer. It seems my routines have slipped lately.

I can't do the same thing every day because the baby is not quite in a routine herself yet. She is pretty good but she has a cold so she just went down for a nap which would have been earlier but she slept longer this morning and didn't get up until after 9. (I'm not complaining at all)

I think this is apart of having "the blahs" or "the funk". I just can't seem to get my routine down. I know having a baby is hard and I'm just grateful to have her. (It took us quite some time to get pregnant and we thought we weren't having any more but that is a story for another day.)

But I feel so overwhelmed from being behind in my cleaning routine. My laundry has stacked up. I can get it done but sometimes not folded or put away before the kids get home.

My kids aren't doing their routines as well as I would like them to either. They would make their beds when they got home, clean up toys at night or when done playing, vaccuum or dust depending on age. I use to read to them every night, now with the baby some nights I can't. I've had my 17 year old read to them or my husband if he's not working. Some nights they go without. It makes me sad.

I feel unorganized. I still need to put my maternity clothes away and bring up my spring/summer clothes from the basement.

I know this time will pass and I will get caught up on my laundry and my house won't look like a bomb hit it and the kids will be read to every night. But for now I'm just taking it by baby steps. Getting the baby into more of a routine. Crash cleaning if needed. I have my 4 year old dusting now and its great, everything on the four year old eye level.

Now I just need to get my 17 year old to do more. He use to help a lot more but he is taking drivers ed, so that takes up lots more time and he wants to spend more time with friends. I don't know why!! Just kidding I loved spending time with friends and I was in drill team. I don't even remember my chores as a teenager. I remember when I was little I mopped the kitchen floor once a week and cleaned the bathroom on Saturdays and my room. And had kitchen duty on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Maybe thats my problem. I should have my 17 year old do dish duty a couple times a week. Right now he sweeps every day for me and empty's the dishwasher usually every other day. My 4 year old has learned how to empty the dishwasher so I guess my 6 year old can too.

I think I need another incentive for my kids chore charts. They love to do them and get the stickers but they get bored after a while. I'm going searching for some ideas, if you have some please share with me.

And if you made it this far thanks for staying with me on my long rambling post. I think sometimes I just write this stuff for my own benefit. This is my "adult talking time" since I'm around my kids all day.

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  1. I've found that the virtual chore chart works for me. I use a site called Handipoints chore charts to make printables and it's really been fun so far!