Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day right around the corner I've been thinking about what to do. Before Mother's Day was hard for me. My mom always wanted me to come to her house and have a Mother's Day dinner. My in-laws wanted me to come over their for their Mother's Day dinner. But what about me? Don't I get to do something I want since I'm a mother??

I really didn't like going to any Mother's Day celebration. In fact I dreaded it. My mom would give me the guilt trip of me being their and my mother-in-law would give my husband the guilt trip of us being at her house. I really started to dread it and thought I'm a mom I should do what I want.

Luckily my mom (I love her dearly so don't think I'm being mean) has been going out of town for the past 4 Mother's Day's with her husband and his kids. He takes them to Disneyland and San Diego every year. Bless him!!! So now my dilema is solved pretty much. Some years my mother-in-law doesn't do anything so we can do whatever we want. My brother and sister-in-law usually have nothing to do because her mom lives in another state and its hard for them to travel for the weekend so they usually end of doing nothing with family so they have started their own traditions.

My sister-in-law figures she doesn't want to cook so they go to a park let the kids play, take chicken, rolls, etc that they pick up and have a picnic. Or they will bring something to BBQ like steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs. She will make brownies or cookies or something the day before for dessert. I thought it sounded so nice and simple.

Does your Mother's Day involve a big celebration with dinner, tea, brunch, or maybe a BBQ? Is is a lot of work or simple and fun?

Now that my mom isn't around and the holiday isn't as hectic for us we plan a different day to do Mother's Day with her and combine her birthday with it since its in May also.

This year I've been on a theme kick for birthdays and once a month we have a dinner at her house. February we had Italian, March was green and food with vinegar(my mom's idea) April was breakfasts and Danish (my son wanted Danish pastries).

I thought for May it would be fun to do a tea party with my mom and her grandkids (boys included). Have finger foods, crafts-like decorating a crazy hat to wear to the tea party, and maybe dressing up.

Here's some recipes for scones for the tea party:
Joy of baking

The Sunday Baker has a great blueberry scone recipe with detailed pictures of how to make them.

Now I'm off to find some finger foods and decorations....

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