Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It is raining like crazy here. At least it isn't cold. I love the spring rain, when its warmer. I couldn't find my sons rain jacket so I drove him to the bus stop. The other kids were soaked. I can't believe how hard its raining.

Upside: Green grass and lots of pretty flowers coming my way.

Downside: Dark, cold and wet

Luckily we got our peas planted on Saturday. I know we are a bit late but at least they are planted and now we are getting some rain. I guess there are more positives to rain than I thought.

Now that I'm done rambling on pretty much about nothing I think I'll do some blog hopping.


  1. We've endured days of rain too!! But I noticed how green everything is getting too... now, the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow... counting down!!