Monday, April 27, 2009

The Blahs

I was blog hopping this morning and I visited TuTu's Bliss. She made me feel a lot better. This past week and probably longer week to 2 weeks I have just been in a blah mood. Not really feeling well. It had been raining off and on and cold, then I had a sore throat for a week and then got a stuffy, runny nose that I thought turned into a sinus infection. I went to the doctor they said I had fluid in my ears, blah, blah, blah sinus infection here's your antibiotic. Well, the next day (I didn't want to wait in line to fill my prescription so I went home) I felt tons better. No antibiotics taken or anything just a waste of my $$ for the doctor.

Well it turns out there is others out there feeling about the same way. I haven't really got anything accomplished. I feel so far behind on my housework that its so overwhelming that I don't even want to try to get caught up. I just do the basics, a load of laundry here, dishes there. So at least we have clean clothes and dishes to eat off of and cook with. Blog hopping got me through the week.

Well that was last week. Today I feel better, the sun is shining again, even though it's still cold out. I feel like "the funk" as TuTu's Bliss calls it or the Blahs is gone. I feel I can get out and start cleaning start catching up even though I'm still lacking sleep with the baby I just feel better.

My trees are starting to blossom it just feels better!!


  1. My friend and I were just talking about this the other day! It is going around here also.


  2. Everyone feels this way at one time or another. I am glad to hear that you are coming out of yours:-)

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to say hi and thanks for dropping by my blog today! Feel free to come back and enter my giveaway (it ends this Thursday) :-)