Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring and Italian Dessert Frenzy

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday day!! I can't wait to send the kids out to play in the snow today. It's supposed to be warmer around 48 or 49 Degrees!! I told them they need to go build a snowman before the snow melts. You know when you are so tired that you are in a really good mood but you know that it's going to come down soon. My back is killing me I notice it acts up when I get overly tired. Weird I know but I probably slept wrong holding the baby. Paytie bug has had a cold and can't breathe very good. The nose sucker isn't doing its job!! She's almost 3 months old now. my how time flies!!

So from being up all night with her, sucking out her nose and sitting up in the laz-boy isn't really isn't my kind of night. After all that I'm still in an extremely good mood. I think its the sunshine. Another day of it. It's so beautiful and I'm excited for SPRING!! I know it's lurking around the corner. I'm excited for the flowers to start peaking their heads out of the ground. Color is such a beautiful thing after the dinginess of the cold dark winter. But today is BEAUTIFUL!! I've said that a few times huh!?!

I'm having my birthday party tomorrow. My wonderful mother always cooks dinner for me and my brothers and their families come up. It's nice. We decided to make it an italian theme dinner. I'm in charge of the dessert. So I'm in a little bit of a frenzy. I'm not sure what to make. I always make desserts. I love making desserts but I haven't made an italian dessert that I can think of. I'm off to search the net for some italian dessert recipes that don't take too long to make. I've had one request for gelato so maybe.... I'll have to check out how long it takes to make it. Not sure if I'm up to gelato when its still cold outside. Tiramisu, cannoli, not sure what else biscotti, I've heard that's a little dry.
Well if you have any ideas let me know.

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