Friday, March 19, 2010

New Direction

I've decided my blog needs a new direction. I hardly ever post to it anymore. I don't want it to be negative and for a while there it was negative. I think this time after having a baby I kindof had the blues. So that was the direction of my blog, that and the weather. Who comments that much on the weather? unless you are a weatherman.

I personally don't like it when I happen upon a blog and start reading it and it is all negative. I feel like it sucks the life out of me. The occasional negativity or bad day is ok or even monthly but every post wow. The aura of some blogs kills me especially when I was already down to begin with.

I feel that is the direction of my blog and weather and negativity. So I'm trying a new thing. Trying to be grateful for everything in my life and I'm even writing down what I'm grateful for in a little journal every night. I think it will help me to become a more positive person and get me back to who I was. I feel like the fog has lifted from me already. Winter is coming to an end and the days are warming up and so is my mood.

Hopefully now I'll get some readers back :)

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