Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've decided Spring likes to tease us. It's the season where we just can't wait for it to come after a long cold winter. It's the season we wait to see some life (or buds) springing out of our dormant trees and bushes. It's the season we wait to see the first signs of life from flowers poking their heads above the ground. It's the season to see green coming back to our lawns. The season for color to come back to us after a cold gray winter.

I love Spring but why does it have to tease me so? It starts to warm up and the snow melts and I think maybe no more snow, then today we get a huge flakes coming down. The good thing is I know that the snow won't last now. It will melt in a day or two and then it will warm up again only to have snow again for Spring finally hits. I know Spring will be here sooner than later but I'm hoping for the sooner.

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