Monday, August 31, 2009

Mondays and school

My 1st grader got up this morning got ready for school, ate breakfast, fixed his hair, brushed his teeth and was already to go and then told me he didn't want to go to school today. I said why? Usually Mondays are hard and if we have a long weekend they are hard but we didn't do much and he's only been in school for a week. I usually don't expect to hear this until about a month into school. He's been so excited to go.

I asked him why he didn't want to go to school today and he told me it was so BORING and he was tired of sitting on the floor. I said sitting on the floor, why do you have to sit on the floor? He said its circle time and it school is so BORING. I asked him if he liked his teacher (which I have asked a couple of times last week) he said yes but that he liked Mrs. ____ who was his kindergarten teacher better. I said, "Is your teacher nice to you?" He replied yes. I asked him why he liked Mrs. ____ better? He said he didn't know.

I think its so hard on Mondays but I've noticed the excitement for school dwindle in him by the end of the week. I don't know if its his teacher or not. I've heard a few things from other parents and teachers that his teacher is flightly but seems to be a good teacher.

Is that how it gets with 1st grade?? He was so excited for school last year until about Feb/March then he kindof got tired of it. I wonder if its because its only been a week and he isn't use to going to school all day, being away from his younger brother that he plays with all the time or what it is??

Hopefully its just because it's Monday and he is still getting use to the full days of school.

Can anyone give me advice on 1st graders?? I haven't had one for a long time and don't remember with my older son. He's a senior now so it's been a long time.

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  1. Hopefully it will get better for your son! Sorry to hear he's having a rough time. Stopping by from SITS and hope you have a great day!