Friday, August 28, 2009

Season of life

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Do you ever feel down on yourself wishing that you could be better than you are? Down on yourself because your house isn't as clean as you would like it or perhaps not as clean as your friends or neighbors? Down on yourself because your yard isn't as weed free and beautiful as your neighbors?

I know I am that way sometimes and lately I seem to be so overwhelmed with getting my house clean. By the end of the summer the kids are fighting not wanting to do any of their chores or we have slacked off on them because of doing activities throughout the summer, so by the time school starts I feel so overwhelmed with my house that I don't even know where to start. I feel like a failure because my house isn't as clean as I want it to be, my kids are fighting, not doing chores, my yard has become a weedfest and I can give you a million excuses for it all. I feel so overwhelmed that some days all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch tv or sit in front of my computer reading blogs, searching the internet, anything to keep me off of my task at hand.

I read this great post on a blog and it helped me to really feel better about myself. I'll give you the link but you'll have to wait til the end. lol
I realize that I am at a "season" in my life that may not be like the "season" of my friends or neighbors and I'm trying to compare myself to them. It's not fair of me to do that to myself.

For example: my yard this summer started out great, the weeds were kept at bay, the garden growing, and lawn mowed. Now by the end of the summer my yard is full of weeds, my garden has weeds (not as many as my yard, I have kept up on that) my flowerbeds are starting to get weeds in them and the lawn looks like the jungle(ok not that bad but it is long).
My neighbor next door's yard is immaculate, no weeds, flowers are blooming, lawn is green and trimmed, it looks so nice and inviting. Granted they have their parents living with them so they have 2 extra hands (see what I mean about excuses) Well after reading this post I realize I am comparing myself to someone who is in a different "season in life" than I am. They have 2 kids, girls and they are 12 and 8.

I have 3 boys and a baby. My oldest boy who helps me with the weeding and mows the lawn has been working this summer so he hasn't had as much time to help me with the yard. My 6 year old hates I mean hates the heat when its really hot so it is very hard to get him to go outside to help and my 4 year old is a good helper but doesn't have a long attention span and then there is my baby who is 9 months old. She doesn't want to be couped up in a stroller and loves to crawl everywhere including dirt. I hope you are seeing what I mean. I am at a different stage in life where things aren't going to be perfect, I'm sure when my sons get a little older they will be able to pull more weeds, and take over mowing the lawn for my 17 year old in time. My house won't be destroyed by boys playing with toys and using their imaginations.

This post really helped me to feel better about myself, I know feel more motivated to get my butt off the couch and work on my house. I know I don't have to keep up with the "Joneses" and can only do what I can do for this "season" of my life. I love the stage of life I'm in. My kids learning and growing and playing and being a senior in high school, driving, and dating. It will pass by me in a flash so I don't need to be worried about how bad my weedfest is and my house will be immaculate one day so for now I'll just keep on working at it and there will be the times it will be spotless and other times just a few toys.

So here is the post check it out for yourself and thanks for reading about my season of life.
Courage to be you

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  1. Hugs! I keep telling myself once both girls are in school my house will be so clean I won't know what to do with myself..or maybe I'll just sleep and cry because their both growing so fast!!