Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shrek has nothing on me

Things have been quite a mess around here. We were becoming like Shrek, living with a "swamp". That's what I liked to call it, it sounds so much nicer than a sess pool. (Not sure how to spell that never had to before)

Okay I need to STOP right here and issue a WARNING!!! As you may have guessed while you were reading above the next few posts are going to talk about really smelly stinky stuff mainly POOP.

When Shrek said he was like onions and Donkey said they get all brown and smelly and Shrek said no they have layers well they were both right. There are a few layers to my story and it starts out nice then goes to the inside which is smelly and brown maybe black.

So now that I've issued my WARNING!! We can continue...

Let me take you back a little. We started noticing our grass in the backyard was getting a little squishy, then getting a little swampy. Anyway my "no more than you" teen would mow the lawn and the lawn mower started to sink. My husband went and checked it out and yes, you guessed it our leech lines from our septic tank were having problems. Plugged, broken, I don't know but were had a little swamp starting in our backyard in the grass.

So fast forward about 2 weeks. My husband had been really busy with work and we had been having lots of rain and bad weather so the "little swamp" just stayed put. Well more rain, more ground saturation "bigger swamp" started. Then my 5 year old had his birthday party. We had to tell the kids to stay away from that part of the yard. We told them not to go into the tall grass. My "no more than you" teen quit mowing the grass in the "swamp". My husbands aunt thought we had snakes so all the kids heard her say that and stayed away.

Fast forward again. Well the weather all of a sudden cleared up and started to get warm, really warm and the smell started coming from the "swamp". (I forgot to tell you at the birthday party my cousins husband offered to help fix the "swamp") So this is about a week later...
I have this in my backyard

I'll spare you the really gross and smelly details and just end with 6- 10' pipes, two big deep trenches and a load of gravel later and now part of my backyard looks like this
Well Shrek still lives in his swamp and mine is all gone (hopefully it all worked) I don't think he has anything on me except he can make a mean weed rat stew and pull wax out of his ear for a nice romantic dinner but I'm "swampless" now I just need to smooth out the dirt and plant some more grass....

I forgot to mention the previous owners of the house put carpet and vinyl flooring in the sand box. We started digging and found the carpet. To our amazement we found the vinyl flooring in there also so while we had the backhoe we dug that out too. We had tons of "puncture weeds" in the sand box so now its just dirt and a pile of carpet of vinyl.


  1. Oh no!! That's the worst! Great writing material though...

    I have been meaning to come over and check out your stuff for some time now. Glad I made it. Finally I had an hour to myself! I am going to go read some more of your blog.

    Thanks for coming to 4 Nuts, I love having readers it means the world to me, really!

  2. Oh geez, I'm so sorry. This what I used to worry about when we owned acreage. Ugh!!

    Cookie B.
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